Thank you for your time this morning. I am also writing this testimonial without request.

It is not often I write to thank someone or business for their willingness to assist without the need to say “I will call to see you BUT there will be a $XX call out fee first”. And in this case I am writing this testimonial without request.

In your case you have done the opposite. You have guided me through a problem solving list then step by step you have explained the procedure to me. Following this I have managed to resolve the problem and all is fixed but only costing my time and a little patience.

Your process of elimination and then a step by step to fix was invaluable. I know you did say that failing this I would have to call you but then again if it had failed I would have been only too willing to call you.

The problem at the end of this was that one of the wires had come loose behind the inlet pipe but also the holder was quite difficult to take off but then again patience won out (one of your great suggestions). Having redone both wires I tested before putting it all back together and then a further test when all in place and now works a treat.

I wonder if more people were like you we would have a better world. Who Knows???

May I say keep up the excellent work and may I wish both of you and your company all the very best for the future.

As a result of the electrical storms that hit Perth in March 2017, especially the Scarborough area, our intercom system was damaged. As a consequence we contacted Solarvac to come out and assess the damage. Tory arrived from Solarvac and began to test our system. From that point on the service we received by Tory was exceptional. Nothing was too much trouble and he checked everything thoroughly. He was extremely conscious about not damaging anything and making sure everything was left clean. He went over the system again with us to ensure we knew how everything worked and reset all our programmed settings for us. I would highly recommend Solarvac to anyone.

Norm & Marie Scarborough

Hats off to Solarvac for not only providing a first class ducted vacuum system for our new home, but also in the magnificent way they solved the unexpected problem of builders brick rubble in the vacuum ductwork. Fantastic after-sales service!
Thank you Tory, Anne-Marie, Dave and all at Solarvac.

B & D
City Beach

Thank you to Solarvac for their exceptional service (over the phone) and help in sorting out our problem with our Valet system - turns out we didn't have one after their thorough assessment!
Her knowledge of the product and list of things to test not only saved us money but time as well. We fully recommend this business - thanks again.


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