Video Intercom Systems

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Video Intercom Systems for convenience and security

Audio and Video intercoms are an excellent way to include additional security and protection to your home or office. Rather than having to walk to the front door or gate of the premises to meet guests and clients to determine who your visitors are, you can choose the system that most suits your needs.

You may speak with and see your visitor, you may release a lock so that they have access to the property and many systems have NOT ONLY the ability to record a picture of your guest, and in some cases if you are not home the Video Intercom will ring you. With this facility you may see and speak with visitors as well as unlock a gate if you wish-all without anyone knowing you are not at home! Some brands give you the choice of clock, alarm, radio and piped music facility. All systems allow the users to speak between internal Room Stations or monitors

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Solarvac-Solamagic are the main distributors of Dorani Security in Western Australia and carry the most stock.

Exceptional quality handsfree colour monitor are available in modern and stylish white, black or silver.

  • You may choose either a 7" (154mm) or 3.5" (77mm) security monitor screen for your dual talking supervising intercom.
  • The camera door/gate station is available in either flush stainless steel, brushed aluminum or surface mount.
  • Dorani offers remote unlocking of door and gates and allows up to 2 entry door and gate stations which can support up to 4 indoor monitors or handsets. The 600 series has the option of recording a picture of guests.
  • Dorani carries a 2 year warranty
  • In addition to up to the Dorani standard two Cameras and up to 4 Monitors provides built in Picture memory, video recording to your SD card and the option of Access keypad for individual codes. If you choose, you may alter volumes at individual Monitors – useful in the office or bedrooms.
  • If desired the user may zoom and pan the camera vision

Please download these brochures for more information.

Dorani Touch Brochure
Dorani_Brochure 2 Wire
C5_Apartment Brochure

Contact Solarvac Solamagic about a Dorani Security Video Intercom Obligation free quote for supply and installation of your intercom system by Solarvac-Solamagic or D.I.Y. kit may be purchased. Trade enquires welcome

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Deltacom – Leading the way in Intercoms

Australian made and owned manufacturers of house-wide audio and audio visual communications with room-room talk, room/child monitoring, music distribution with front door and/or gate access. Mix and match audio and video units. Add the Music Master (with digital clock and AM/FM radio and bluetooth throughout the whole house) if you wish.

A great solution for many residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Additional functions include hands free answering.
  • Front door and gate response and release are available from inside the premises for your safety.
  • Child monitoring facilities, privacy function and individua room addressing.
  • Deltacom carries a two year warranty
  • Installation can be completed during construction of home or commercial building or in existing dwellings.

Deltacom is made to conveniently replace your non servicable Valet Intercoms.

Obligation free quote for supply and installation by Solarvac-Solamagic or D.I.Y. kit may be purchased

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DJ 500 Video Room.

DJ 500 Audio Room

Genie Systems – Quality Intercom Products

Genie Electronics is a long established Australian Intercom company providing products designed and manufactured in Australia with quality, compact style and cost efficiency.

It is a very easy to use system, comes with or without the visual component, allows communication between rooms, baby monitoring, has a privacy function and allows multiple room stations to be added.

Music to all Room Stations
Never miss a beat! Enjoy 'piped' music throughout the house and the music will 'follow' you wherever you go when the radio or stereo is connected to your System 3 intercom --- an inexpensive and highly popular optional extra.

GenieSystem 3 AV

System 3 AV, as the name suggests, is an integrated audio-visual door answering and monitoring system that provides security as well as convenience. When a visitor presses the call button on the front door station, the camera is activated. You can automatically view the caller's image on the monitor inside your home or office.

  • These systems have door and gate release facility with an illuminated push button door or gate station providing a two tone door chime.

Installation can be completed during the construction of your home or commercial building or to existing dwellings.

Genie offers a 5 year warranty against faulty parts on all however the LCD Screen and Camera which are both 12 months.

Obligation free quote for supply and installation by Solarvac-Solamagic or D.I.Y. kit may be purchased

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intercom genie 11 series    intercom genie 21 series

Access Control

Keyless entry into your home, office or gate via a weather resistant keypad. The unit offers flexible programming. Request to Exit buttons to allow keyless egress.

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A very versatile Audio Video or solely Audio Intercom with multiple facilities other brands do not offer:

  • Several different models offering a variety of convenient options
  • Up to 300m cable runs between Camera and Master
  • Up to 170 degree camera viewing angle
  • Exceptional Camera zoom, pan and tilt from the Monitor
  • Full colour picture in low light conditions
  • Automatic handsfree (up to 1 minute)
  • Up to 300m cable runs between Camera and Master

Please download these brochures for more information.

Aiphone JM Series Brochure
Aiphone J0 Series Brochure
Aiphone JP Series Brochure
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