Take the stress out of vacuming and install a customised ducted vacuum system thats maintenance free and easy to use.

Sleep safely knowing that your Solarvac installed security system is protecting your whole family 24/7

Extend the your pool usage this year and install a solar hot water system thats cheap to run and will give you weeks of more swimming

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The Ducted Vacuum Specialists

Solarvac has been the trusted name in Perth for over 30 years and we have supplied and installed hundreds of ducted vacuum systems throughout Western Australia. Why wrestle with portable, self-contained traditional vacuums, when a central vac is a whole-house system?

There are no electrical cords to bother with - all it takes to start the system is to insert the lightweight hose into an inlet. The system starts automatically. The dirt, dust and debris get carried out of the room, through the in-wall tubing, to the main power unit, where it is deposited in a canister or bag. The system stops when the hose is removed or turned off at switch hose handle. Canisters only need to be emptied an average of once every 4 months and disposable bag replaced on average every 9 months. Instead of plugging a portable vacuum into pre-determined electrical outlets and hoping the cord reaches around your home, the central vacuum hose can be moved from inlet to inlet.

solutions for your homeYou vacuum your house religiously to get rid of all the dust, dirt and bacteria and make sure your indoor air is as pure as possible. New research suggests that some vacuum cleaners may actually be making things worse, not better because they spit fine dust and bacteria back into the air to spread infections and trigger allergies.

Central / Ducted vacuum Systems are recommended by Allergists and are an effective way to reduce dust, allergens and organic matter in your home. By exhausting 100% of the vacuumed air outside, recirculation of these irratants is eliminated and your home or office stays healthier and cleaner.

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Video Intercom Systems

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Add an extra level of security with an Video Intercom

Audio and Video intercoms are an excellent way to add additional security and protection to your home. Rather than having to walk to the front door of your premises to meet guests or determine who your visitors actually are. You can use a range of different intercom systems to help reduce the risk of admitting unwanted guests. We can help design a custom system that suits your needs

intercom DJ-500-Video-Room
All systems can be used to communicate between multiple rooms.

Some of the video intercom systems also have the ability to record the picture on a memory card when a visitor activates your intercom. A convenient and secure way to monitor the entry points of your premises.

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