Ducted Vacuum Systems

Why choose a Ducted Vacuum?

A Ducted Vacuum System is easy to install and easy to use

  • A Ducted Vacuum System can easily be installed either during construction or in an existing dwelling.
  • Vacuum ducting can be installed under slab or in the roof space.
  • A standard 9m hose covers approximately 55 square metres. A variety of lengths are available, so please contact us as we can cater to your specific needs.
  • Simply insert the lightweight hose into the conveniently located wall or floor outlets. No bulky machine with wheels to carry up and down stairs or run into walls or furniture. No more tangled and dangerous electrical cords in the way.

A Ducted Vacuum System is efficient and convenient

  • A Ducted Vacuum System is a convenient and efficient for vacuum cleaning every corner of your home and office.
  • Your Ducted Vacuum System is whisper quiet and you can use it without disturbing baby, family enjoyment or the neighbours.
  • Bag and Bagless models are available in various sizes including those to suit your caravan or boat

A Ducted Vacuum System helps those with asthma and allergies

  • Allergy and asthma sufferers benefit greatly from Ducted Vacuum Systems. No more recirculated dustmite, microscopic dust, dirt, germs or odours. These are exhausted harmlessly outside the living areas to the power unit.

Central Vacuum System/Ducted Vacuum System versus Hand Held Vacuums

  • Central and Ducted both describe a Vacuum system where the vacuum pipes (called ducting) run from a stationary motor unit outside the building to any number of inlet valves into which the user plugs the portable hose. The ducting is often run under the ground slab, within cavities and voids in the house.
  • Solarvac –Solamagic has been THE trusted name for Ducted Vacuum installation and service in Perth for over 30 years and we have supplied and installed thousands of Ducted Vacuum Systems throughout Western Australia during this time.
  • Without the hassle of an electrical cord you simply insert the hose into the wall inlet to activate the system automatically. When the on/off Switch hose is utilized, the user simply moves the switch to the ‘ON’ position. Dirt, dust and debris vacate the room via the hose, through the in- wall ducting to the disposable bag or collection drum at the motor unit outside the house-often in the garage or store.
  • 100% of the vacuumed air is exhausted from the room thus eliminating recirculation of irritants.
    The motor deactivates when the hose is removed or in the case of the Switch hose, when it is turned off.
    The bags are replaced approximately every 9 months whilst filters should be cleaned and the dirt recepticle emptied every 4-5 months.
  • The 9-12m vacuum hose is simply moved between pre-determined inlet locations within the home, office, bakery or salon. When drawing up the suggested layout we ensure that the whole of house is accessible.
  • Research has proven that some portable vacuums may simply recycle dirt and infectious bacteria wherever the machine is used-thus triggering or worsening symptoms of hay fever, asthma and other airborne illnesses Premier Clean and Cyclovac Ducted systems remove the dust , dust mite and bacteria from the house completely-ensuring allergens and triggers of asthma and hay fever are removed completely.
  • Thus the Central/Ducted Vacuum systems are recommended by Allergists as an effective way to reduce risk of organic matter triggering allergic reactions.

Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum System

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Valet - Central Vacuum

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Cyclovac Ducted systems

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Ducted Vacuum System Accessories

This is just a sample of the accessories available to aid you in cleaning floors, furniture, mattresses etc. Please contact a Smart Home Installations rep for your accessory queries and needs.

Standard 9m Hose and Tool Kit

Switch Wand Hose Kit

Deluxe Switch Hose Kit

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