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Home Automation

Home automation is the remote control of equipment or appliances in a home. At Smart Home Installations, we design and install automation systems based on your preference and requirements. It’s our passion to ensure that we install an incredible system in your home and benefit from this remarkable technology. We cater to various aspects, including designing, selling systems, installation, and solving any problems you may have with your home automation system.

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Our Services Include:

Our team is highly skilled and possesses expert knowledge in electronics, electrical, information technology, and radio communications. The team can handle different aspects of automating your office or home, including:

  • Equipment configuration and supply
  • Integration with existing security, automation, and IT Equipment
  • Scene programming and automation logic
  • Designing of home automation systems for new or existing homes
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What is achievable?

Several convenient scenarios can be developed when you automate your home. For instance, when you enter your home space, a series of programmed commands can ensure that from room to room, your way is lit. Additionally, a bedtime program can switch off all the lights in your home apart from your alarm system and security lights. The home automation system will also control and monitor your air conditioning and underfloor heating systems effortlessly.


AC Temperature

Garage Door

Door Security


Swimming Pool



Our experts can also set the systems to control pool pumps, irrigation systems, and motorized blinds. The system will also help you manage the music distribution and home theatre throughout the house using touch screens or a single remote control. The device system can also be programmed or set to switch on when you enter the house and turn off when you leave.

Saves money on your power bills

Home automation provides great benefits of energy efficiency in your home. The automated systems in your home can save energy by reducing the length of time device systems operate or reducing the need to use particular equipment. Reducing the need to use specific equipment is evidenced when the lights only switch on when needed.

Steps followed in the design and consultation process

  • The consultation process firstly begins by discussing any of your challenges or requirements. Discussions can be done through phone, email, or, if you prefer, a free home visit. Home visits can be advantageous since the experts can get a clear view of the issue or problem and helps determine which solution best fits your needs.
  • Once we have recognized and understood the issue, our design engineers will develop a proposal meant to offer the solution. There will be a problem definition in each proposal to ensure that we have translated your requirements correctly and determine what the solution will offer in terms of functionality. The solution proposal will also list all the hardware that will be required and installed. The solution proposal will also list all the hardware that will be required and installed.